Wireless Experts  ... You Make the Call!
"Direct to your Door ... PLUS a WHOLE lot  MORE!!"

When you call on Wireless Experts' service, you are ensuring that you are dealing with a company that cares about giving you the most for your time and money.  We’re proud to be the largest Independant Wireless and Landline Communications Consulting Company serving Eastern Ontario and beyond!

Wireless Experts boasts the most flexible approach to wireless plans on the market.  You select the phone you want and then combine it with one of our suggested carriers' great service plans for the best value for you.   Not sure what you need?

Let us ask you a few questions, make a few recommendations ... and put together the most effective solution for you and your budget!  Just tell us where you want to "talk" and how long you usually do!

And ... if necessary ... we will come right to you!  That's why we say:  "Direct to your Door ... PLUS a WHOLE lot MORE!!